Monday, 19 August 2013

Oil vs PS #2

Which one did you start off with today?
Kicked off with Photoshop.

PS paint:

How long did the painting take?
It took about an hour this time.

Did you find anything particularly interesting today?
I never liked drawing/ painting reflective objects, I constantly think how difficult it is to capture all that reflective information and neglecting the fact that, this is still a 3D object that has a shape, and shadow. So, throwing all complex details away, I started with the basic form, determining the object in greyscale first, applied the colors. Then on separate layers adding reflective details, and to top the shine, I added another layer that I apply only highlights. I found that with the information (dark shades, shadows, mid tone, light shade, and highlights) all in place with respect to it's relative shape, the object will come together as a whole similar to a recipe. But it does become boring to follow the same recipe over and over again :(. Hope to find more interesting things further down the road of this project.   

Did you learn anything new about yourself in this technique?
Became more confident in tackling reflective objects~

Is there something you wish you could do differently?
Have a better understanding with rendering shadows, felt my shadows were a bit difficult to come by. banana shades and colors were off.

How do you feel about this project right now?
Not too bad today, sat down and powered through the paintings under a stop watch.

Oil paint:

How long did the painting take?
it took over an hour and a half I think, lost track of time once I started the painting haha~

Did you find anything interesting today?
I purchased some new brushes, that were actually flexible and easy going on the canvas. Did feel a significant change in the way I organized my thought process of painting on canvas. I think kick starting with PS, help with my color decisions faster. Shape wise I feel I did a trial run on PS so it was easier the second round.

Did you learn anything new about yourself in this technique?

Finding the procedural process of painting in PS sort of useful when applied on canvas. The thought process of laying the base colors, then additional mid tones and followed by highlights works. What was nice in actual painting is the mixture of color and the spontaneous outcomes of a dab of this and that color.

Is there something you wish you could do differently?
Get a bigger dust bin, newspaper wipes are over flowing from the little bin :P

Additional comment:
So far am seeing some improvement in my confidence of color pairing. (That is for now, I might go into a color shock in the latter).

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