Concept Design

Created a series of new characters for a collaborating project with a friend. (7/4/2012)

Adding some details in the shapes.

Tree sketches, I never liked drawing trees, but recently finding them fascinating with what's grown on them. Especially in Singapore, a lot of other plantation grows onto or into the main tree trunk. (symbiosis I suppose)

This is quite a new field for me, it's a field that has no limitations of your imaginations.

Was given a story from a Japanese folklore (Momotaro: Peach Boy). The assignment requirement was to come up with character, environment, and styling designs that fits with the story.

I took the story in it's traditional form, as some earlier concept ideas were a bit boring.

Furthering my design as the week went by. Additional background concept design (related to Japanese woodlands).

Final collections of character and environment designs, rendered in color (photoshop brush tools) Although I do hope they were actually painted, but PS is a faster way since there was a deadline to hand in the assignments.

Other related concept designs:

Architectural related design, a project that was planned to install an interactive installation onto a bridge.
I brainstormed some shape ideas and some rendered sketches of how the installation might look like. following the concept theme that was set by the team: Life, cycle and movement.