Friday, 26 August 2011

Workshop with Hans Bacher

Never thought in a million years that I will have this opportunity to be studying animation in Singapore, and on top of that having one of the best back ground design/ ex-Disney master Hans Bacher to be sitting 2 feet from me, teaching us and giving us insights of working in a studio and his personal dealings of creating  master is awesome!!

Some quotes that i picked up from Hans Bacher's lectures:

I love the quote "Ying and Yang" felt like the Bruce Lee quote  "Be like water my friend". how everything needs to be balanced out so it does not distract the audience too much, but instead capture their emotion at the right moment.

Updating more sketches around SIngapore

Trying to capture what I see and inking that image onto my notebook to make good reference for future idea usage.


I tend to cover up some flaws by increasing shadings to kind of rough it through "pointed out by Mr. Hans Bacher" Which is amazingly true as it shot an arrow straight into me LOL hahaha.

The library is a great place!!! sitting down flipping through tons of wonderful illustration books and selecting sketches that I really love and kind of copying it right away is great :P 

Monday, 1 August 2011

MOre sketches of July

As I sit to observe, once my pen hits the page it just seems to walk along the pages by itself.....sometimes I feel more relaxed drawing than reading a book, however I also get nervous when people starts looking over at what I'm doing and eyes will start peering over my shoulders still I feel the uneasiness hahaha.

 Started to pile faces over more faces.

Did some glancing of the "Tangled" art book at a book store, and took pics of some really awesome Glen Keane drawings, and practiced some on my notebook as I really love the expressions the horse had.

More people from cafe...

Faces of Singapore in July

Most of my sketches are done around places where food are involved....the human face expressions are quite interesting to capture, especially capturing the eyes at the right moment of surprise, happiness, stress, and boredom.

I love sitting around cafe's and watch the surrounding social interactions of people, studying their gestures and expressions.