August 2013

Having worked on the Amos Wee Book (1) with my alumni friend from NYU Tisch. The books are finally printing and getting ready to be distributed :D Quite a nice feeling to see mass printed copies of what and why we worked so hard for.

Here's a snippet of how the main character was made from a rough sketch: (the character's family own's a famous costume store in Singapore. Therefore, was trying hard not to rip off too much of Captain America :P. The "A" coincidentally fits with the character's name "Amos".

May 2013

Some illustration sneak peek on some characters that was done for a friend/author (Adeline Foo's) new book series. 


November 2012

Commissioned Mural, Raw sketch to a little cleaned up version, which has been directed to a more kids friendly mode :D everything is headed towards tending to kids perception of imagination. (Work pending...)

October 2012

Some illustrated samples that I did, as a collaborative project with a children's book author Adeline Foo (may know her from Diary of Amos Lee).  Below illustrations are going digital as apps.


 This was for a book cover design
the process board that shows the steps of how I came across putting up this cover project.
Updated cover by an Indian publisher for the yellow layout (2013).

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